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Pick up your tickets for the Glass Bottom Boat Shipwreck Tour here.

This is really the main hub for any information that you may be seeking when it comes to the Shipwreck Tour, SCUBA diving and any other questions you may have about the general area.

The gift shop and ticket office entryway is a replica of the East Channel Lighthouse which was constructed in 1869. The interior is finished and echoes the lighthouse motif, featuring spruce wood planking throughout, a 22′ cathedral-style ceiling, white pine crossbeams, and four atrium windows. The gift shop design takes full advantage of a spectacular view of Munising Bay and looks upon our tour boats.

giftshop2-300x222The Gift Shop has a nautical motif with a wide range of nautical items and a selection of regional maritime and shipwreck books.

There are sweatshirts and T shirts of unusual quality and design, even some shipwreck designs. There is a section for model boats and framed pictures and posters of lake boats, including the Edmund Fitzgerald. Michigan videos are also available.


Books about Shipwrecks by Frederick Stonehouse

  • Dangerous Coast: Pictured Rocks Shipwrecks, $11.95
  • Haunted Lakes: Great Lakes Ghost Stories, Superstitions and Sea Serpents, $15.95
  • Lighthouse Tales, $15.95
  • Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast, $15.95
  • Went Missing, Unsolved Great Lakes Shipwreck Mysteries, $15.95
  • The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, with results of 1995 expedition, $16.95

FREDERICK STONEHOUSE holds a Masters Degree in History from Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan, and has authored many books on Great Lakes Vessel losses. He has directed special shipwreck surveys for Canada and for Northern Michigan University. He is a partner in Sonar Search Associates, a firm specializing in searching for new shipwrecks.

Books about the Great Lakes and Shipwrecks

  • Diver’s Guide to Michigan, Harrington $24.95
  • Ghost Ships, Gales, & Forgotten Tales, Oleszewski, $15.95
  • Great Lakes Lighthouses, Oleszewski $16.95
  • Ice Water Museum, Oleszewski $12.95
  • Lighthouses of Michigan, Penrod, $16.95
  • Michigan Lighthouses (Souvenir book) $4.95
  • Mysteries & Histories, Oleszewski $14.95
  • Ships of the Great Lakes (Souvenir book) $4.95
  • Shipwreck!, Swayze $21.95
  • Shipwrecks of Lake Superior, Marshall $19.95
  • Sounds of Disaster, Oleszewski $11.95
  • Strange Adventures of the Great Lakes, Boyer, $11.75
  • Stormy Seas, Oleszewski $12.95
  • Superior Land Lights $4.00
  • Voices of the Lakes, Harrington $24.95


1204 Commercial Street, Munising, MI